• Reader Correspondence 20221207

    Dammit. The Cacophony of Frog would have been a good name for the frog god. Right now, their name is Choir of Frog. For reasons, I kept the grouping name of gods in the letter C. Mostly because we have the Raven Council, and then that became the Salmon Collective, and then it became Commune of Bear. Choir, Council, Collective, Commune.

    But Cacophony of Frog would have been good too. These “gods” are not singular entities, but groupings of like minded human sentiments and emotions. They don’t get a name, they get a title, representing their collective consciousness.

    Except for Morah, who has been removed and/or removed herself. Can you really say “I removed myself from the collective” when “you” had that thought when “you” were still the collective?

  • Reader Correspondence 20221130

    I made stickers. Thanks to Olivia and Hazel for encouraging me.

  • Reader Correspondence 20221123

    I’ve finished rewriting the last 3 episodes of Enter Cedar.

    And I feel pretty confident I know how to break scripts into illustrated pages now.

    Roughly, it’s 28 more illustrated pages. Rounded up, that’s 30 more pages to go.

    30 pages at 4 pages a week will take 7.5 months to complete.

    Which will put my book at 92 pages. I’ll probably add another 12 with illustrated chapter covers.

    So 104 for my first illustrated by hand graphic novel. Ain’t too shabby.

    And that’s 75 pages? At the end of Deep Circuitry, that was 83 script pages for…400 pages? Jesus. But, that density of those pages was a less. And I drew it as a vertical tapestry (for Tapas), not pages.

    Tracking stuff like this is weird but important. For labor percentages…

  • Reader Correspondence 20221116

    Small Consistent Efforts

    My first page of this comic series was posted on February 14th 2020. It was Bucky on the website Tapas. It’s a vertical platform, and while it was novel enough to get me started on this process, I ultimately decided I didn’t like the vertical format.

    Which is why I decided to opt for a WordPress. It took a lot of figuring, but I think it’s working now. Transferring everything I had produced for Tapas to WordPress took a little bit of formatting, and when I was done, I discovered that in the last 2 years I had drawn over 500 pages.

    To date, it’s been 1006 days since February 14th and 518 pages of the Imbibe Universe have been illustrated. In the midst of this current rewrite (slowing down always leads to a little depression) those factoids are encouraging.

    We started on the planet Earth, and then we ended up on Eruen, and then we went all the way to Gliti’ics, and now we’re back on Earth. We’re going to learn more about how a creature very similar looking to Rachell is on Earth, and we’re going to learn about what Morah and the gods are, and we’re going to learn who Titus is (the mustached man with round glasses). Eventually we’ll loop in another planet called Trea. We’re going to have talking raccoons at some point and colossal floating cuttlefish and sentient mold. I’ve got a lot planned (and it might take a long, long time to produce) but it’s very fulfilling.

  • Reader Correspondence 20221109

    It’s this moment:

    This moment was a very late addition to the script. It was added because to illustrate how helpful Ian wants to be. Ian must help, it is bedrock in his personality. Ian wasn’t supposed to help the Log Children originally, but now that he has, it will impact them in ways that will affect the ending.

    Without the Log Children, the Raven Council can only manipulate thought by suggestion. And the Ravens are tired of suggesting what they want.