Concerning Small Consistent Efforts

My first page of this comic series was posted on February 14th 2020. It was Bucky on the website Tapas. It’s a vertical platform, and while it was novel enough to get me started on this process, I ultimately decided I didn’t like the vertical format.

Which is why I decided to opt for a WordPress. It took a lot of figuring, but I think it’s working now. Transferring everything I had produced for Tapas to WordPress took a little bit of formatting, and when I was done, I discovered that in the last 2 years I had drawn over 500 pages.

To date, it’s been 1006 days since February 14th and 518 pages of the Imbibe Universe have been illustrated. In the midst of this current rewrite (slowing down always leads to a little depression) those factoids are encouraging.

We started on the planet Earth, and then we ended up on Eruen, and then we went all the way to Glitiā€™ics, and now we’re back on Earth. We’re going to learn more about how a creature very similar looking to Rachell is on Earth, and we’re going to learn about what Morah and the gods are, and we’re going to learn who Titus is (the mustached man with round glasses). Eventually we’ll loop in another planet called Trea. We’re going to have talking raccoons at some point and colossal floating cuttlefish and sentient mold. I’ve got a lot planned (and it might take a long, long time to produce) but it’s very fulfilling.