Concerning the Tracking of Labor Stats

I’ve finished rewriting the last 3 episodes of Enter Cedar.

And I feel pretty confident I know how to break scripts into illustrated pages now.

Roughly, it’s 28 more illustrated pages. Rounded up, that’s 30 more pages to go.

30 pages at 4 pages a week will take 7.5 months to complete.

Which will put my book at 92 pages. I’ll probably add another 12 with illustrated chapter covers.

So 104 for my first illustrated by hand graphic novel. Ain’t too shabby.

And that’s 75 pages? At the end of Deep Circuitry, that was 83 script pages for…400 pages? Jesus. But, that density of those pages was a less. And I drew it as a vertical tapestry (for Tapas), not pages.

Tracking stuff like this is weird but important. For labor stats…