Concerning Music Selections for a Medium That Is Silent

I miss doing songs with the comics. Maybe not with every page, but every episode should have a recommended song. Because Tapas Comics had a feature where you could add a song, there’s an entire Original Soundtrack for “Deep Circuitry”.

I really enjoyed that, because most of my comic projects were meant to be either live action or animated. Overall, I really miss audio. I miss the music and working with voice actors. I miss the collaboration and the spontaneity that would come with working with others.

Groph didn’t get music accompany. When I started illustrating “Groph’s Green Wizardry”, I didn’t have any music in mind. In retrospect, I think the soundtrack for “Groph’s Green Wizardry” would just be lofi.

For “Enter Cedar”, here are my initial thoughts on a recommended song accompany.

Episode 01: Smog “In the Pines”
Episode 10: Teho Teardo & Blixa Bargeld “Hey Hey, My My”
Episode 11: Philip Glass “Tagore-Scene II”
Episode 12: Tom Waits “Come on Up to the House”

Concerning the Details

“Paying attention to things – it’s how we show love.” – The Last of Us

That quote from last week’s episode hit me hard. I’m not one for details, both in my art and my personal life. My fear of not getting things done before my focus deviates causes me to seek the fastest method to get what is in my head outside. That means skimping on the details and embracing messy.

These are lichen hounds and mushroom tripods. I’m transcribing a script that happens about 6 books after “Enter Cedar”. It’s the same sort of creatures that form the “black mold boy” and the “moldies”.

Concerning Thumbnails

I like doing thumbnails first. Small scribbles that provide a blueprint for the bigger sketch.

But I always talk myself out of doing them because I want my sketch to be the blueprint. I want as few steps as possible. Ideally, it would be (script already written):

  • Sketch
  • Ink
  • Inkwash
  • Digital formatting

Like, these 4 steps I can get done in five 2 hour desk sessions (10 hours total). Which is the time I alot for each weekly page/post.

But I find that after I’ve finished posting, I’m often daunted by the big white page of the next part. If there’s thumbnail, it’s less daunting. But a thumbnail is just another stage to this work. But it’s a stage that gives me the confidence on what the sketch process needs. A script alone is not sufficient to start the sketch stage.

So I think I’ll start thumbnailing from now on. Scheduling wise, I find if the sketch is done before the weekend, so I start Monday with a full sketch, that the ink/inkwash/formatting stages can get done by the Wednesday posting deadline.

And thumbnails are stuff I can bust out in the cart or watching tv or before bed. It’s not something I need to be at my desk for. I’m always trying to identify parts of my process that can be done away from my desk to speed things along.

Concerning the Black Mold Boy

On my Tapas Comic page, I have the following listed under my profile:

“Toot toot! If you’re reading this comic, all aboard the Attention Deficit Train…”

Because I can’t focus on anything. Just doing weekly pages in a single installment of the Imbibe Universe is painful. So here’s some character design for the Black Mold Boy, a character in the series “This Bitter Earth”, which is scheduled to be illustrated 5-8 series down the line.

Concerning the Googling of Oneself

I’ve been on the hunt for jobs for longer than I care to admit. The modern job hunt includes more than just submitting your resume. Ensuring that an online presence is positive (at the least, not offensive) is important. So googling myself is not a frequent activity, but it’s not uncommon. On my last googling, I noticed the book cover for Tapas (a webcomic site) was not great.

So I created this new book cover for the Imbibe Universe. I mocked it up first on my phone, and then finished it on my desktop. I might use that method in the future.