Concerning the Gods

Dammit. The Cacophony of Frog would have been a good name for the frog god. Right now, their name is Choir of Frog. For reasons, I kept the grouping name of gods in the letter C. Mostly because we have the Raven Council, and then that became the Salmon Collective, and then it became Commune of Bear. Choir, Council, Collective, Commune.

But Cacophony of Frog would have been good too. These “gods” are not singular entities, but groupings of like minded human sentiments and emotions. They don’t get a name, they get a title, representing their collective consciousness.

Except for Morah, who has been removed and/or removed herself. Can you really say “I removed myself from the collective” when “you” had that thought when “you” were still the collective?