Concerning the In-between Comics

So, in the same vein that “Groph’s Green Wizardry” brought us from “Deep Circuitry” to “Enter Cedar”, what if we do that between “Enter Cedar” and the next project? Maybe some sort of story about the Knowledge Retention Bot (KRB)?

We first saw the Knowledge Retention Bot in my short film “The Antique Dealer”, played by my good friend Hazel Blue.

Like, I’ve got this idea of a short scene where Ian meets KRB when he’s an adult, while out on a jog. The KRB has just found information about Ian’s interactions with Squash and Gray, which is what “The Antique Dealer” was about. So then it’s a matter of going from “Enter Cedar” to “The Antique Dealer”, and then to the “Algorithm Interviews”, where the KRB is still trying to solve where the aliens are.

And then all of this leads into the next big project “Where the Highway Meets the Corridor”, which is a tangential story that involves the KRB helping a group of humans help the aliens escape from the United States government. Yeah, I think that works.