Concerning my friend Phil

My friend Phil died last week. He was 37. He was amongst my best friends. He was a brother. He loved and supported my ambitions. He helped me bring my ideas to fruition.

Phil was an early supporter of Deep Circuitry; reading early scripts and pitches.

Phil helped me make the Algorithm Interviews; showing up on set to hump gear and provide unsolicited safety advice.

Phil told me that The Antique Dealer was terrible; which was appreciated.

Phil worked and supported a number of other ambitions when we had our Wasted Talent Films, LLC. He was an assistant director and gaffer for our feature film, Rivertown. He was most proud of his unofficial position, “Pizza Producer”. Phil was an electrician at the time and when I couldn’t afford to feed actors and crew, he would buy pizza for everyone.

I still don’t know how to feel. I missed last week’s posting for Enter Cedar when I heard the news. My partner and I are trying to carry on our life, because as she put, we’re living for Phil now.

But it’s hard.